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Taxi Regulations and Entry Controls

Taxi services are one of the most popular ways to get around town. To be successful, a taxicab company needs to offer the most common services. This article discusses these services and the regulations that apply to them. In addition, you will learn about entry controls and regulation. Once you know all of these factors, you can choose the best company to use. Read more about Taxi Wiener Neustadt.


The National Transport Authority (NTA) regulates the taxi industry. The Taxi Regulation Act 2003 mandated the body to implement regulations for the industry. The Taxi Regulation Review Report 2011 was developed with the aim of improving the regulatory framework and enforcement of the law. Currently, the NTA is working on implementation of the recommendations of the report.


If you are looking to start a taxi service, it is important to be aware of the regulations in your area. There are different kinds of laws that govern the taxi industry, and the requirements can vary widely. Larger cities have more regulations, and smaller towns may not have any laws at all. Check with your local authorities to learn about the specific regulations in your area.


In a recent legislative session, the Alaska Assembly passed a bill that increased taxi rates. The flag drop rate will now be $4.00, and the mileage rate will be increased from $0.22 per tenth mile to $0.25 per twelfth mile. Also, two discrete additional fees will no longer be charged: a $1.00 fee for airport to-and-from service and a $1.50 fee for passengers arriving on a cruise ship dock. Assemblymember Michelle Hale, who led the bill, said the changes are necessary to protect the public and help taxi services survive.

Entry controls

Entry controls for taxi services are a complex issue. They can impact the availability of cabs and quality of service in the city. Currently, 43 cities and counties in the U.S. and Canada have entry controls in place. The types of regulations will differ in each city. Some cities will allow new companies to enter without government oversight, while others will have minimum qualifications for new companies. The effect of entry controls on the quality of service will also differ, depending on whether the city has a dispatch system or walk-up cab markets.


Taxi services are a convenient and economical way to travel between airports. Many cities offer these services and there are often booking offices nearby the terminals. You can also book online. Online booking makes the process easier because you can get all the information about a taxi without waiting in line.


The competition between taxi services is a vital part of the taxi industry, and the bureau of consumer protection is actively engaged in modernizing the industry. While the bureau supports the entry of new taxi companies, it is wary of over-regulating the industry. The bureau suggests that regulatory bodies relax some regulations and ensure that quality of service standards are similar across all companies.

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